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2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT Black Series

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Horn Contact Ring
Other Names: Contact Plate
Replaces: 099-464-31-06, 0994643106
Description: With amg drive unit. with lane assist.
Control Module
Other Names: Diagnostic Module, Control Unit Airbag
Replaces: 172-901-57-04, 172-901-76-01, 172-901-91-02
Description: Modules and sensors. Slc300, slc43 amg. Amg gt c. Amg gt s. Amg gt black series. Amg gt r pro.
Radiator Support Tie Bar Bolt
Options: Left Outer, Left Inner, Left Rear, Left Front, Left Upper, Left Lower, Right Outer, Right Inner, Right Rear, Right Front, Right Upper, Right Lower, Front Outer, Front Inner, Front Rear, Front, Front Upper, Front Lower, Upper Outer, Upper...
Other Names: Radiator Support Side Panel Bolt, Bumper Impact Bar Bolt, Front Shield Bolt, Head Air Bag Bolt, Impact Bar Screw, Mount Frame Screw,...
Rack And Pinion Heat Shield Bolt
Options: Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Rear, Right Upper, Rear, Rear Upper
Other Names: Stiffener Rear Bolt, Passenger Air Bag Screw, Sunroof Assembly Bolt, Latch Screw, Sending Unit Rear Bolt, Support Brace Bolt, Heat...
Replaces: 001-990-11-04, 0019901104, 910105-006002, 910105-006022, 914126-006001, 914126-006027
Notes: Included with front inner structure.
Contact Plate
Other Names: Horn Contact Ring, Air Bag Clock Spring, Steering Wheel Air Bag
Replaces: 099-464-19-05, 099-464-30-06, 099-464-69-06
Description: With amg drive unit. without lane assist. Coupe, 2020-23, with amg drive unit. , amg performance wheel, with amg drive unit. 2019-23,...
Notes: Included with steering wheel.
Instrument Panel Air Bag Bolt
Options: Left Upper, Left Rear, Left Front, Left Inner, Left Lower, Right Upper, Right Rear, Right Front, Right Inner, Right Lower, Rear Lower Upper, Rear Lower Rear, Rear Lower Front, Rear Lower Inner, Rear Lower Lower
Other Names: Passenger Air Bag Screw, Air Bag Impact Sensor Bolt, Side Impact Sens Bolt, Passenger Air Bag Bolt, Headliner Bolt, Trunk Lid...
Replaces: 000000-001526, 000000-001703, 000000001526, 000000001703, 914129-005001
Description: Module & sensors. 2010-15 upper components. #2. Without gt black series, without gt r. Rear dvd. Front. Air bags, m5x12. Sedan/wagon,....
Notes: Included with panoramic assembly. Part cannot be reused/reinstalled.
Radiator Support Panel Reinforcement Bolt
Options: Left Rear, Left Lower, Left Upper, Left Outer, Left Inner, Right Rear, Right Lower, Right Upper, Right Outer, Right Inner, Front Upper Rear, Front Upper Lower, Front Upper Upper, Front Upper Outer, Front Upper Inner, Front Outer Rear,...
Other Names: Center Support Bolt, Hood Latch Support Bolt, Latch Support Bolt, Panoramic Assembly Bolt, Head Air Bag Bolt, AC & Heater Assembly...
Ft Impact Sensor
Options: Left Outer, Left Front, Right Outer, Right Front
Other Names: Side Impact Sens, Front Sensor, Side Sensor, Impact Sensor, Acceleration Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Options: LEFT
Other Names: Side Sensor, Side Impact Sens, Pressure Sensor F Airbag
Replaces: 212-820-50-26
Notes: Part has related component that cannot be reused/reinstalled. nut.
Air Grille Bolt
Options: LEFT
Other Names: Hood Scoop Bolt, Instrument Panel Air Bag Bolt, Knee Air Bag Bolt, Fixed Glass Screw, Vent Grille Bolt, Handle, Inside Bolt,...
Replaces: 001-984-62-29, 0019846229, 140-984-14-29, 900162-005104, 914151-005004
Notes: Included with inside handle.
Front Deflector Bolt
Options: Left Front, Left Rear, Left Lower, Left Upper, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Lower, Right Upper
Other Names: Horn Bolt, Front Shield Screw, Side Impact Sens Bolt, Rear Sill Plate Bolt, Lower Extension Bolt, Mount Plate Bolt, Adjust Motor...
Replaces: 910105-006033, 910142-006002
Notes: Included with thermostat. Included with water pump assembly. Part cannot be reused/reinstalled.

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