Interior Lights for 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT Black Series

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2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT Black Series

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Luggage Lamp
Options: Left, Right, Rear
Other Names: Trunk Lamp, Trunk Lamp Assembly, Courtesy Lamp, Cargo Lamp, Interior Lamp, Cargo Area Light, Courtesy Light
Replaces: 221-820-21-01-64
Description: Glk/glc,. Suv,. Sedan, wagon,. , convertible.
Notes: Included with handle. Included with lower cover. Included with trunk lid trim. Included with lower trim panel.
Bulb & Retainer
Options: Left, Right
Other Names: Socket, Map Light Bulb, Lighting Unit
Description: With panoramic, sunvisor & lamps. Bulb & retainer. Wagon.
Notes: Included with map lamp assembly.
Courtesy Lamp
Options: Left, Left Front, Left Rear, Left Lower, Left Upper, Right, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Lower, Right Upper, Rear Front, Rear, Rear Lower, Rear Upper, Rear Right, Front, Front Rear, Front Lower, Front Upper, Front Right
Other Names: Visor Lamp, Glove Box Lamp, Interior Lamp, Luggage Lamp, Trunk Lamp, Overhead Lamp, Vanity Lamp, Cargo Lamp, Cargo Area Light,...
Replaces: 002-820-21-01, 0028202101
Description: With panoramic roof.
Notes: Included with sunvisor. Included with lower cover. Included with glove box door. Included with side trim panel. Included with instrument...
Dome Lamp Assembly Socket
Options: Left Rear, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Lower, Rear, Rear Lower, Front Rear, Front Lower
Other Names: Socket, Bulb & Socket, Bulb & Retainer, O'head Lamp Bulb, Reading Lmp Assembly Bulb Holder, Interior Lamp Socket, Courtesy Light...
Replaces: 221-825-03-82-28
Notes: Included with bulb. Included with handle. Included with sunvisor. Included with visor lamp. Included with cargo lamp. Included with...
Map Lamp Assembly
Other Names: Control Unit
Description: Without panoramic, sunvisor & lamps.
Courtesy Light
Options: Rear Left, Left, Rear
Other Names: Courtesy Lamp, Interior Lamp, Cargo Area Light, Cargo Lamp, Luggage Compartment Lamp
Description: Coupe, black. Convertible. Sedan/wagon, wagon, black.

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